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Every Revenue Question Deserves An Answer

If you're using Salesforce, you're probably getting information about your funnel and rep productivity across many different tools, with a big delay.

We'll help you understand it all in one place, in real-time, for 50-80% less than your current sales stack while helping you drive up to 10% more revenue in two sales cycles.

Trusted By Category Defining Sales & Success Teams


Automate Sales Management

With Truly, you can model your entire sales process, detect deviations from it and trigger notifications, CRM updates and tasks.

This means eliminating:

  • Reliance on reps for manual data entry
  • Delays in addressing new deal risks
  • Letting longtail deals fall through the cracks
  • Gaps in the forecast



Real-Time Risk Detection 

One consolidated view that tells you everything you need to know about the health of your deals:

  • Does every deal have a next step?
  • Which deals just became competitive?
  • Which deals are heating up/cooling down?
  • Which deals have gotten 'stuck'
  • Which deals are sucking up all of our time but not getting anywhere?
  • Which deals keep getting pushed back?
Net Pipeline Change

Real-Time Pipeline Analysis

Understand the health of your pipeline and how it's changing over time with attribution to the segment, team and rep

  • Net pipeline changes (added/lost)
  • Deal velocity changes (time to close)
  • Deal momentum changes (progression)
  • Deal amount changes (discounting)
  • Deal forecast accuracy (sandbagging)
  • Win-Loss curves (win rate)

We bring the power of forensic accounting (the same thing that put Al Capone away) to your pipeline so that every deal can be tracked and reported on.

Real-Time Rep Insights 

Now you can monitor, understand and replicate what your top reps do across your entire sales team.

  • What activities do they do more of?
  • What messaging/channels work best?
  • How much do they follow the script?
  • What do they say to prospects that works?
  • Who's showing signs of attrition?
  • Who's sandbagging their forecasts?


Rep Amount Change

Upgrade Your Salesforce Image

Installing our package eliminates many of Salesforce's default limitations

  • 800 custom activity fields
  • Google like search experience
  • 4x faster queries
  • Unrestricted reporting JOINs
  • Upgraded funnel history tracking

Here's How It Works



1. Install Our Salesforce Package

The package is 100% safe to install directly to production.

Written in salesforce-native APEX, it can be installed/uninstalled with one click, while ensuring no performance issues on your instance.


2. Log Your Activity Data Via Any Tool

The package will automatically capture and enrich your Salesforce data models as you log calls, texts and emails from any tool.

If the reports are missing activity data, we can offer you a free trial of Truly which is proven to log 2x more data than other sales tools.


3. Automate Your Sales Processes

Get rich visualizations in pre-built dashboards showing your activity levels and funnel health.

Build custom sales process metrics, report on them in real-time and build automations that help you keep 100% of your pipeline on track (instead of just a fraction)

Save 50-80% Off Your Existing Sales Stack

By bringing all of your sales activity tracking and analytics into one platform




10,000 Activities/month

100 Opportunity Changes/month

One Click Install


Unlimited Activities

Unlimited Opportunity Changes


Premium Support



Salesforce Package

Activity Analytics

Opportunity Analytics


How Is This Different Than All My Other Sales Tools? (Outreach, Gong, Clari, etc)

We get this question all the time.

All of these tools pursue a non-Salesforce-native strategy, keeping your data in different silos.  They do this because their VC pitch is to 'kill salesforce'.

This means you can't unify your data and build automations off of your reporting insights.  It also means greater vendor lock-in and higher costs.

We've taken a different approach - upgrade your existing system of record to make it AWESOME, and allow everyone in your company to get all the information they need in real-time