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Understand What Your Reps Are Doing

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Does Your Sales Stack Look Like This?

The truth is, if you have Salesforce, you have all the reporting infrastructure you need to get deep visibility into your funnel.

Yet sales orgs  pay $10-100k/year to third party tools and consultants because it needs configuration to answer their most important questions.

And even then, leaders rarely get all the answers to their questions.

SalesTech-landscape-4K (1)

It's really not that complicated.

We're all trying to answer the same questions, regardless of our ACV/sales cycle:

  • WHAT is our reps' activity level vs capacity?
  • HOW are our reps' doing their jobs?
  • HOW  efficient are our reps?
  • WHERE are they spending their time?

Salesforce makes this reporting possible, but only if you can get your activity data logged and structured the right way.  Our package takes care of this, and gives you out-of-the-box reports to answer your management questions in minutes.

Here's How It Works



1. Install Our Salesforce Package

The package is 100% safe to install directly to production.

All of the fields created are in a unique namespace, so you don't need to worry about conflicts.


2. Log Your Activity Data Via Any Tool

The package will automatically capture and enrich your Salesforce data models as you log calls, texts and emails from any tool.

If the reports are missing activity data, we can offer you a free trial of Truly which is proven to log 2x more data than other sales tools.


3. Get Complete Visibility of Your Reps' Activity

Get rich visualizations in Salesforce for every stage of your funnel.  Drill down into Teams, Reps and individual activities.

Get a dynamic library of touch points so you can understand the activities that drive opportunity creation and deal progression.

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As a part of our COVID-19 response, we're offering our package at a reduced cost to empower sales teams who are making the transition to remote work.



Custom Pricing

10,000 Activities/month

100 Opportunity Changes/month

One Click Install


Unlimited Activities

Unlimited Opportunity Changes


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Salesforce Package

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Why has nobody solved this yet?

We get this question all the time.

These reports are the product of 5 years of deep collaboration with some of the most data-driven sales teams on the planet.

In working with these teams, we learned what reports they needed, and the extremely costly approaches they took to getting there (dozens of Salesforce Admins, Analysts and Data Scientists)

We thought there had to be a better way to do this, that would give ANY company access to these reports.  And so, our Unified Analytics for Salesforce product was born.

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