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So so we can send you any updates, bugfixes or release notes

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Here's How It Works



1. Install Our Salesforce Package

The package is written entirely in APEX and can be installed/uninstalled with one click.


2. Let The Package Do The Work

Any time a Gong conversation is created,

1) A task is automatically logged with all the native fields populated (Task.Type, Task.CallDurationSeconds, Contact/Lead, etc)

2) A lookup is created from the Task directly to the Gong Conversation object

3) BONUS: if you have the (FREE) Truly Sales Process Optimizer AppExchange package installed, the task will automatically be assigned to the right Opportunity


3. Operationalize Your Data

With the native data model populated, you can finally report on your data normally.

And with relational data in place, you can start to build out really powerful automations.

Who are you?  Why did you build this free tool?

We're the folks behind, and it really annoys us when your sales vendors intentionally make their data unusable/unavailable in Salesforce to get you to use their platform more (and/or lock you in)

We hope that by giving away tools like this, sales tool vendors 'get with the program' and make Salesforce the one true source of truth.